Nita is a powerful intuitive and throughout the years, she has been sharpening her psychic abilities. She specializes in tuning into your family system and under currents in her readings. She lets the masters from other realms lead; readings, Family Constellations, medicine work and other healing work. Her ability to discern is comforting for many established clients as they feel safe with Nita and know she has no judgement only love and compassion. With a baggage, full of her life experiences, she knows Earth life is full of many adventures; joys, triumphs and misery!

Nita’s candor, professionalism after working in management for over 20 + years, allows a degree of dignity in delivering messages with heart, healing and often soul jerking. Clients have expressed it changed their lives and joined Nita in their soul remodeling journey. They utilized many of her other gifts and refer many of others to her.

Nita is a kind, big-hearted being and owns her mission to deliver spirit’s work. She knows this is her pathway to ascension and all good deeds lead her back to her home beings. All readings are done with absolute confidentiality.


Channel/Palmistry/Oracle & Tarot Reader

Family Constellation Facilitator

Sacred Plant Medicine Ceremony



Jewelry and Clothing

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    NOV 4TH, 2017 11AM - 1PM

    family constellation Featured interview

    Nita is a Family Constellations facilitator, which is founded on psychotherapy principles with a spiritual twists! She uses it in many of her readings has a great tool to help release those stranglehold's clients feel with family, love and career. 

    Nita will be holding Family Constellation Workshops around town. Through short directed Constellation exercises you will release old lingering negative life stories. The work is powerful and can help heal destructive associations with family, money, career, and love. Come test your connections!!

    I attended Nita’s Family Constellation Therapy workshop, and I was blown away. Nita’s gentle, healing nature made me feel at ease and allowed for an incredibly powerful experience that is still affecting me and unfolding in ways I never imagined. If you are willing to have an open mind, and open your heart, Nita will take care of you and guide you through whatever it is you need to process. She cares deeply about people, she has depth and honesty, and her healing energy is infectious.
    — L.B Los Angeles

    12 - Sound Healing ORACLE CARds

    12 is a revolutionary deck of Oracle cards that incorporate Sound Healing. The healing sounds are uniquely connected to 12 planets known to the author of the deck.   



    This book was channeled in one synchronistic breathe with Spirit through Nitakumari. The book is a gift from Spirit and messages of beautiful beings coming to visit us to help us raise the cosmic consciousness.




    Powerful messages are conveyed about the next generation of children descending to Earth. They are known as the “New Adventurers”.   


    12 - Sound Healing Oracle Cards
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    Super Lights Audiobook
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    Super Lights 2- The Courageous Awakening

    The Courageous Awakening is filled with hope during challenging times.  It follows Nita’s previous book, Super Lights, as we now meet the New Adventurers and New Wanders.  These beautiful light beings will show us how to open our hearts to our own higher calling.  These Starseeds, with their human DNA, will make their impact into this world bringing messages of hope and global peace in acceptance of each other celebrating our differences.  These children will come through conscious parents, exploring music, science, and the arts.  They are intuitive, empathic, and compassionate.        

    We are all going through our own awakening and as we wake up and do our inner work, the journey of self discovery begins and the rewards are immense.  These beautiful beings come to challenge the norms in this rapid growth period and they will help us shift our own energy to a higher vibration as we come back in alignment to our authentic selves not hiding our gifts and talents.  They show us how to serve ourselves first, and in doing this, we serve and inspire others while serving the collective consciousness

    You will be inspired by the messages of these beings of light as they invite us to walk the path of of courage and awakening, joining them and others on this amazing journey to our own higher calling and we’re forever changed.  The Courageous Awakening is waiting for you!
    — Review By Maggie Lukowski at