Nita is intuitive, demonstrating her expertise since early childhood. She is a natural born healer. Nita comes from a lineage of natural born intuits. Sheprovides readings professionally, and continuing to grow her intuitive muscles through her experiences, training and certifications of various processís. She has been playing in the angelic/cosmic realm since childhood and is able to sense beings around her and often got into trouble when playing with the entities.

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Bowen is a profound Australian therapy for structural/spinal realignment founded by Tom Bowen. The therapist activates key muscles and meridians; the trigger point work organically assists the body to do the natural realignment the body needs often resulting in permanent healing. Our bodies are very intuitive and many clients who trust the process report tremendous relief from body pain while being worked on. Often the pain has been there for years. Numerous clients including Nita encountered deep emotional releases, as we do retain emotional trauma memories at a cellular level too.

This powerful healing has been so impactful in Nitaís own life; she decided to train in it to help others. After several car accidents and traumas, Nita spent thousands of dollars on trying to heal her body but nothing shifted her body permanently like Bowen and only after a couple of sessions, Bowen Nita felt releases in her body.

Through short Constellation exercises you will gain objective insight and hidden dynamics that are possibly hindering you from achieving your goals.

Do you want to heal blocks with your relationship to your family, money, romance and more? The work helps to restore and invites us to live our lives in a new way.

Bert Hellinger who created this powerful healing platform and created the "Order of Love". He found through acceptance that we can achieve tremendous self-empowerment and are able to clear ourselves negative entanglements that we may be carrying over from our Ancestral line. Restoring the "Order of Love", can release us from any negative entanglements we have with our ancestors, so we can live a healthy life and hopefully break patterns from generations ago. We can heal love, money, health, career, past lives and may more blocks we could be carrying unconsciously in our DNA. Nita has completed over 30 constellations to help heal her own entanglements and feels freer and in alignment with her divine path.

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