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b. 1986, HK.



  • Certified in Pranayama Breath work - Trained with Darren Main

  • Family Constellation Facilitator - Trained with Gary Stuart and Cecilio Fernandez Regojo

  • Bowen Therapist - Trained with Gary Stuart, Gene Dobkins, and Graham Pennington

  • Results Healing With Master Sio (Kahuna Energy Work)

  • Sacred Plant Medicine Host/Healer

  • 7 Cup Brew (TM) Meditation Class designed by Nita

  • Designer/Artist/Manager and overall fun loving and loving being!


Video Testimonial- How Nita read’s with Jenny


Nita was born and raised in England. Over the years her life lessons have been to find balance between the two worlds, of East and West. Nita is a powerful medium and healer. From an early age, she knew she was different and definitely not from Planet Earth. Quirky and compassionate, she recalls one of her earliest childhood memories. 

“When I was about 2-3 years old, I had strong recall of my mothership. Feeling they had dropped me off on planet Earth. I have been waiting for them to pick me back up my whole life. I never seem to fit in anywhere except with other misfits.”

Nita holds loving space for deep healing, transformations to transpire during and after sessions. She helps to shift your perception of self and others by shedding light on the lessons at hand. Staying out of self judgement and blame onto others, can be a great source of empowerment!  

“When we accept responsibility for our actions only, incredible breakthroughs happen."

She primarily channels people, places, and situations to bring forth the most objective and accurate information. Additionally, palmistry and tarot cards and/or her own 12 Sound Healing Oracle cards are used. Many clients feel uplifted after their readings with Nita. Amazement of the accuracy in her readings transcends days, months and even years later! As timing gifts those with patience’s!

Nita has evolved and expanded her intuitive muscles from past lives, and two decades of working professionally with her innate gifts. Her co-creative partners are wonderful cosmic beings she continuously communicate's with! Nita only works within the spectrum of love and light! Her speciality is working with Star Seeds, assisting them with their awakening and guiding them back home (reflecting who they are and their potential).

Every modality she offers is one she has personally used in her own holistic path. They have all been significant tools to help shift her own DNA and ancestral patterning. Whether it is soul work or body work, Nita has been a receiver of the modality first. She uses her various skills to aid in shifts. Ultimately, you are the healer, she hold’s space for the transformation. Whether it happens immediately, days, months or years later, it is your journey.