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Return to Balance By Nita

First of all, congratulations to all who’ve come through an intense year. Some of you have upgraded your relationship status. Whether you are releasing old, getting married, or learning how to better communicate your needs. This is very befitting, in the sign of relationships, contracts, open enemies, justice, and agreements. Libra is an air sign and communication is key.

As mentioned in my previous newsletter, many have chosen to exit this journey called life. I’ve spoken to many who’ve been hit with the grief of losing a loved one. We can often judge suicide as tragic and often step in to a rescue mode. If you are grieving the loss of someone dear or even helping another through the process, remember, some just said no to the demanding stages of maturity and expansion. This is a huge part of life cycles on earth. Giving dignity to the individual’s choice, can liberate both you and them. It is unsettling when someone leaves earth. It reminds us of our precious time here. Libra is all about the balance. In the next two years, the new generation will begin to decend into Earth's atmosphere and will shift into a whole new concept of humanism. We are already seeing global connections uniting us on common concerns.

Life has great beauty and that is something I try to remind myself. Subtle shifts in perspective and allowance to measure life to a different standard takes practice. Most live through their seeded experiences. Spiritual journey is simple uncovering truths that resonate with us and match our soul’s blueprint. Most are striving for freedom and peace. Most have the ability to assess another’s situation with love and compassion. Most do not! The latter is what we see reflected in the mass media. Fear and discrimination of differences keep us disconnected from “outsiders”!

For example, I am staying with family until I find my footing again. I appreciate the resting spot. But I am unable to live in my authentic vibration. I know my family will not understand my need to be free and untamed in Indian traditions. It was never my path. I've been a misfit my whole life until I found my tribe! I was meant to listen to my heart, the song of my soul, and not skip a beat in this lifetime. I can neither go backwards nor decrease my light! For the first time in my life, I feel the road is clear.

You may feel squeezed in your heart space. Observe the feelings. With kindness ask what blocks you from moving forward. What adjustments align you with your most authentic self and enable you to love life. Beautiful readers, remember, you’re on an individual journey and many factors contribute to how you process life. Utilize the many tools available (astrology, tarot, human design, meditation, plant medicne, etc), to give vital clues to what part of your life calls for attention, and what cycle of life you're in. Being in flow of life can bring greater ease in navigating life instead of swimming against the current. Let’s leave that to the salmon!

Currently, evaluation of your commitment choices will come to surface. Clarity around why you took a certain road will become clearer. The circle of karma bringing its heavy burdens to light. Finally, the sweet release of baggage will usher in vitality that may have been seeping your life for days, months, years, and even decades!

The last time we had these heavy transits was 1982! Think back to what was going on in your life. All darkened, soiled vigour finally drains. Energised feelings and a surprise surge of energy springs you into action! Libra is a cardinal sign and initiates action. Take advantage of the open portals.

I’ve been feeling a huge eruption in the world. Political climate is one but a natural disaster that shakes the world. These are things I’ve channelled in my audiobooks and feel time is drawing them closer. I’ve also predicted USA going through a recession in 2020 onwards. I believe it is already in a recession. It would be wise to put some money away and try to find banks that insure losses, if they are sinking.  I don’t tell you to scare you but prepare you. Couple of my large visions already came to pass.

blocks).spiritualental, emotional, psychological prisons, and . GET RID OF OLD EVERYTHING! (Clothing, furniture, mDraw up contracts, leave nothing to word of friendship. Read your contracts thoroughly. Create lean karmic contracts (don’t make promises that keep up in a karmic loop). Reduce noise in your life (social media, news, unfulfilling connections, etc)

Sending you all so much love:)

Nitakumari Patel