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Bowen Therapy

Tom Bowen is the developer of this wonderful holistic therapy. He discovered a way to use the body’s own intelligence and unique make up to help individual’s release pain from the body.

Bowen is a treatment used to manipulate soft connective tissue (fascia). The results are unknotting of “angry” tension to a more relaxed state often resulting in permanent relief. Through a sequence of manoeuvre's along major muscles and meridians your body will take in the triggered information. The brain will begin to sort through the messages and reset the body.

Nita creates a safe space for all her work. Whether you are receiving a hands on treatment, intuitive reading, or ceremony setting. She is always available for her clients for after care and any questions.

Video demonstration

Nita works gently works through any difficulties are may be experiencing.

Most people hold tension in their shoulders and neck (the world on one’s shoulder)!


  • Fully dressed - sweatpants, leggings, and t-shirt

  • Can release emotional, mental, physical traumas

  • Drink lots of water after session

  • No massage or other treatments at least week after treatment

  • Don’t cross legs

  • May need 1 session or several - depends on your healing and injury/issue

Contact me to schedule a session.

Benefits of Bowen

There are several reasons why someone seeks Bowen.

It is non invasive and the body has the intelligence to heal itself, with a little help from Bowen work.

Use Bowen for the following and more.

  • Chronic/Mild on area(s) in pain

  • Concentrate on area(s) in pain

  • Regular Maintenance

  • Non invasion realignment treatment

  • Sciatica - leg pain

  • Digestive relief

  • Sports injuries

  • Muscular tension/problems

  • Respiratory issues

  • Frozen Shoulder

  • more….



This is a powerful form of energy/spiritual healing practiced by the Kahuna (native healers) of Hawaii, Tonga, Samoa, Tahiti, Fiji and other South Pacific islands for centuries.

Nita trained with Master Sio who directly trained with the elders and travels the world with his healing hands.

This gentle work is an injection of loving energy. While those trained in various energy work can facilitate and hold space for the healing to happen, you are your own healer.

Willing participants openly receive pulses of energy wherever they need the transformation. Participants often see colours, images, receive messages and guidance. Most have a relaxing session and feel rejuvenated upon completion. Some report changes in the days, weeks, months after their session.

Loving healing hands are essential for any healing work you seek. Be sure you feel safe, connected to the person you chose to open sacred space with. Nita is a conscious being always holding space for you to shape your own healing journey. She is only a gentle guide allowing you to venture at your own pace and realms you feel comfortable pursuing.

Nita’s Personal story

Trauma from years of stress and car accidents left Nita in severe pain. Lack of sleep and stresses from life settled into all areas of her body. She tried various disciplines before finding Master Sio and bagan attending regular group healings. Nita is naturally an intuitive being (indicated strongly on her natal chart, palms, and human design chart. For quite some time, she repeatedly heard a loud pop and innately knew it was releated to the release of her her twisted back.

On a hot California summer day, Nita lay down to receive the reservoir of endless electrical energy that flowed through Master Sio’s hands. At the end of the session, Master Sio asked if anyone would like to share their experience. This is a great way to integrate the healing. Sharing also helps one normalize often what can be perceived has a wild and unnatural experience.

Nita shared, she saw her spine lifted out of her body and fuse with what looked like the horizon. She felt calm and peaceful in her body. Warmth covered her surroundings and felt a sense of happiness, she hadn’t experienced in a while. That night, she decided to stay connected to in this beautiful bubble of energy and went to sleep. In the middle of the night, while changing positions, her spine elongated, some part of the lower vertebae adjusted, making a loud pop, and her spine reset! Resulting in a permanent healing!!

Nita completely believes we are our own worst enemies and our best healers. We are powerful electircal beings with tremendous capaicty to do good and bad to ourselves. Through life we can finally reach the point of expressing the goodness inside us and reflect it outside.

Nita offers distance healing.


I’ve had intuitive readings from Nita and we’ve done some family constellation work, too. So I knew her loving, kind energy was pure and she held safe space. I trust her in a way I don’t trust many. I don’t know what she did but that night I had powerful dreams that shed light on relationships I’ve being struggle with. I was able to see how I was bringing this into my own life. Graffic alert: I had a big shit/shift the next day. Expelling the rotting stuff from wherever I was holding it from my body, literally, too :)! Nita is HUMBLE! Never toots her own horn, you have to toot it for her! Special lady. Thank you, Slyvia, New York, NY

Happy exploration of that is good in you.