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Bowen Therapy

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Bowen Therapy

Tom Bowen is the developer of this wonderful holistic therapy. He discovered a way to use the body’s own intelligence and unique make up to help individual’s release pain from the body.

Bowen is a treatment used to manipulate soft connective tissue (fascia). The results are unknotting of “angry” tension to a more relaxed state often resulting in permanent relief. Through a sequence of manoeuvre's along major muscles and meridians your body will take in the triggered information. The brain will begin to sort through the messages and reset the body.

Nita creates a safe space for all her work. Whether you are receiving a hands on treatment, intuitive reading, or ceremony setting. She is always available for her clients for after care and any questions.

Video demonstration

Nita works gently works through any difficulties are may be experiencing.

Most people hold tension in their shoulders and neck (the world on one’s shoulder)!


  • Fully dressed - sweatpants, leggings, and t-shirt

  • Can release emotional, mental, physical traumas

  • Drink lots of water after session

  • No massage or other treatments at least week after treatment

  • Don’t cross legs

  • May need 1 session or several - depends on your healing and injury/issue

Benefits of Bowen

There are several reasons why someone seeks Bowen.

It is non invasive and the body has the intelligence to heal itself, with a little help from Bowen work.

Use Bowen for the following and more.

  • Chronic/Mild on area(s) in pain

  • Concentrate on area(s) in pain

  • Regular Maintenance

  • Non invasion realignment treatment

  • Sciatica - leg pain

  • Digestive relief

  • Sports injuries

  • Muscular tension/problems

  • Respiratory issues

  • Frozen Shoulder

  • more….