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Family Constellation

Family Constellation

Nita is a Family Constellation facilitator, which is founded on psychotherapy principles with a spiritual twists! She uses it in many of her readings has a great tool to help release those strangle holds clients feel with family, love and career.

Family Constellation was founded by Bert Hellinger who created this powerful healing platform based on psychotherapy and discovered the “Order of Love”. Bert Hellinger found through acceptance of our family members we can achieve tremendous self-empowerment. We are able to clear ourselves of negative entanglements that we carry over from our Ancestral line. Restoring the “Order of Love”, can release us from any damaging patterning from our lineage. 


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Nita will use her natural intuitive abilities along with the Family Constellation principles for those seeking to dive deep and untangle themselves from any reoccurring negative patterns plaguing them. She has an uncanny way of seeing hidden dynamics/family secrets/behavioral patterns that keep us from living our full potential. Clients leave feeling empowered, healthier and able to release huge feelings of loss/despair/anxiety/depression and much more. Many clients go on to actualize their dreams and live their lives in freedom instead of fear, which transcends their professional and personal lives! 

Intro To Family Constellation

Through safe sacred space the client is guided through the constellation to understand their own dialogue with their family. Nita has learnt to resolve deeply painful family dysfunction. Nita has a very unique way of working with her clients within the confines of one on one settings. Many clients have find immense peace with their family. Nita’s Constellations work to release the person in the now. The client is the now, the living generation courageous enough to break generational cycles. The ripples will be felt within the family system. Knowing our place in our family system is the key component to finding our way through life and navigating ourselves in the world as adults. Family Constellations can help all areas of lives!

Nita’s radical belief is we are our own ancestor. We reincarnated back into the same family system to learn something we were unable to in previous lifetimes. We could be the great aunt or sister from ten, twenty generations ago reincarnated. We came back around after acquiring numerous tools, awareness and courage to heal further path of ascension.

Nita works with clients to accept their parents as they are and repair imbalances. She helps to release judgement and restore the “Order of Love”. The child remains the child and the adults are in their rightful place as the ones who came before the child. Family Constellation work at the soul level to get to the root of the matter and heal it in the present.

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