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Family Constellation

Explanation of Family Constellation

Explanation of Family Constellation

Family Constellations are similar to the cosmos. There are many formations attracting, repelling, and colliding in the vast heavenly abode.

We continuously move through cycles manifesting people, places, and situations transiting through our life. If we are open and awake to the lessons, we will gracefully reflect, reassess, and readjust when and where needed.

In a nutshell, we clear the unnecessary chaos and debris with our family of origin (birth family, adopted family, soul family, friends, work, etc). This cathartic on going exercise holds the key to returning back to self. The self is the soul. The personality is the ego. Both are necessary to develop a personal understanding of self and create the life one truly wishes to lead.

Self meeting Self

Self meeting Self

Family Constellations are objective ways to look at all your relationship. We sort through the hidden entanglements holding you back from sustaining a joyful life.

Nita works completely blindly. Meaning, you will bring your topic of issue and only you will know what it is. Nita will direct the constellation with no back story to find the trial leading to the problem at hand. She will help you unlock the blockage and relief will begin in various areas of your life.

There is a sorting out of the masculine and feminine dynamics allowing internal balance to enhance life experience with both genders.

Above is a powerful personal directed Constellation.

Powerful directed constellation where someone struggled to see their own inner expansive gifts and beauty.
Nita had the client sit face to face with the person roll playing her. You can see the beautiful exchange of energy flowing and love. Beauty even through one struggling to see their own magnificence!

Business Constellation

Use Constellation work to help you remove blocks in your career and/or business.