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Kahuna Energy Healing

Kahuna Results Healing

This is a powerful form of energy/spiritual healing practiced by the Kahuna (native healers) of Hawaii, Tonga, Samoa, Tahiti, Fiji and other South Pacific islands for centuries.

Nita trained with Master Sio who directly trained with the elders and travels the world with his healing hands.

This gentle work is an injection of loving energy. While those trained in various energy work can facilitate and hold space for the healing to happen, you are your own healer.

Willing participants openly receive pulses of energy wherever they need the transformation. Participants often see colours, images, receive messages and guidance. Most have a relaxing session and feel rejuvenated upon completion. Some report changes in the days, weeks, months after their session.

Loving healing hands are essential for any healing work you seek. Be sure you feel safe, connected to the person you chose to open sacred space with. Nita is a conscious being always holding space for you to shape your own healing journey. She is only a gentle guide allowing you to venture at your own pace and realms you feel comfortable pursuing.

Here is a video of Nita working in a group setting.

Sessions can be done in groups or individually