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Healing Ceremonies

Healing Ceremonies

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Nita holds extremely expansive sacred healing space for her clients to be vulnerable, and feel safe. She was introduced to medicine work by a beautiful spiritual man whom she has deep, deep love and respect for. Through her cherished spiritual teacher, Nita has profound respect for the various plants and their unique journey to Planet Earth. Each Plant medicine as a unique pulse and DNA which gives you a different experience. The gifts the plants bring to us are soul shifting! 

Nita has released numerous traumas permanently from her bodies (mental, emotional, spiritual, physical, etc). Through all these major breakthroughs Nita continues to find lasting peace in her life around love, career, and just day to day living. 
If you are looking to immerse yourself in a deeper relationship with yourself, and align with your true path and purpose; the healing ceremony work is a courageous and extremely rewarding journey!

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