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Nita is a powerful medium; communicating to cosmic beings since early childhood. Her constant companions are wonderful cosmic beings she is in communication with! Growing her intuitive muscles from past lives, present life experiences, and her training’s. Nita only works with love and light! Her specialty is to work with Star Seeds, helping them with their life purpose and healing. Nita attest she has been waiting for the mothership to pick her back up her whole life.

Nita holds loving space in her readings for profound healing and shifts. She uses tarot cards, palmistry and channels people, places and situations to bring forth the most objective and accurate information. She also scans for health through palmistry and intuition. Many clients feel uplifted after readings!

Nita firmly believes in non-judgement. We don’t know another’s path and purpose and their contract with spirit, for their soul’s evolution. Focus on self and stay out of self-judgment and others. Have courage to look at oneself. Take the lessons for they can create great inner wealth which can attract many desirable riches into our lives!

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