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Super Lights 2 - The Courageous Awakening

Super Lights 2 - The Courageous Awakening



Super Lights 2

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Super Lights 2, The Courageous Awakening, is the second Audio Book channeled by Nitakumari. Powerful messages are conveyed about the next generation of children descending to Earth. They are known as the “New Adventurers”. They are innately charged with pure love and light. They have an intrinsically clear picture about their mission here. In this Audio Book, Nita gives insights on how to prepare for their arrival, and how the future of humanity can be elevated. If we have the courage to collectively remove dogmatic prehistoric global models; religions, politics, education, and more. These highly-enlightened beings have cosmic visions of hope, and ascension. Nita speaks of their influence in politics, science, education, and DNA shifts of the human. These remarkable beings are a hope for humanity!

This Audio Book is about the creation that exists; your creation and everything you begin to create for self. Take the self out and we become the collective consciousness. Here we deepen impacts that can ripple through time and space. It’s about what self is doing to self. When we are aware of our own actions we can transform all parallels. Start with self before you can conquer the world. Know your domain before trying to influence another’s. When we are pure in our intentions, we will not need from others. We stand united with love flowing freely to another, and thus allowance of freedom, and collective work to begin. Competition will diminish and open marriage of real influential work will begin.

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