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Mystic Journey Bookstore and our amazing Psycic Reader Nita Patel have been mentioned in a piece in Elle Magazine featuring poet Melissa Broder written by Whitney Joiner. The article is entitled "Why Is Melissa Broder So Sad Today?" See the excerpt below! 

"In the 30 minutes between our first hello on New Year's Eve day and the psychic readings we've booked at Mystic Journey Bookstore, a New Age emporium on Abbot Kinney Boulevard, a main thoroughfare in Venice Beach where Broder lives with her husband...

Nita, the psychic, looks at Broder's hands, asks her birth date, and tells her to relax. "I never relax," Broder says. "I can tell," Nita responds.

"It feels like here you were at the bottom of this mountain"β€”Nita draws a diagonal line on a piece of paper, with a stick figure moving from the bottom to the topβ€”"and you've climbed up a pretty steep hill. Is this where you've been? Walking up a hill?"

"Yeah," says Broder. "Like, since birth."

It's going to be a big year for Broder, Nita says. Does she have a book coming out? A script?

In fact, Broder has two books out this spring: So Sad Today and her fourth volume of poems, Last Sext, due in June from publisher Tin House."

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RICH KIDS OF BEVERLY HILLS - season 3 - ep 6

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