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12 - Sound Healing Oracle Cards
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This is a very unique Oracle Deck incorporated with Sound Healing. The deck is based on 12 planets Nita is connected to and has visited on her Soul’s journey. Each planet has a distinctive sound, vibration, symbol, and colour associated with them. Each planet has a helper/keeper and powerful healing properties that you can tap into through the sounds. Collectively, the planets are known as Basuyah (Bah-su-a). The deck has a bonus card known as The Black Hole. Also, included in the deck is a map of the planets and guidebook.

There are 13 sound healing tracks included that are associated with each card ((1 hour of sound healing). Deep healing and transformation can be attained from the planets sounds. Pull a card on a concern you need assistance with. Use the Sound Healing to help you find answers and healing around your questions. Each planet’s sound/vibration is composed using Crystal and Tibetan bowls.

Shane Chunephisal is the amazing Sound Healer who helped bring the planet’s sound to Earth ears! Joel Van Dijk is the humble and perfectionist Sound Engineer.

Artwork is by Nita. Planet’s attributes are from Spirit!

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