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plant medicine work

Nita holds extremely expansive safe sacred space in ceremony work for her clients to be vulnerable and feel safe. She was introduced to medicine work by a beautiful spiritual man whom she has deep, deep love for and respect. Through her cherished spiritual teacher, Nita has profound respect for the various plants and their unique journey to Planet Earth. Each Plant medicine as a unique pulse and DNA which gives you a different experience. The gifts the plants bring us are soul shifting!!


Nita only uses the finest plant medicines and works with beautiful teachers. She carefully selects those seeking to do penetrating, soul healing work with plant intelligence. This work is very private and individualistic. It takes courage to sit with the medicine teachers; it is not to be taken likely or with judgment as drugs.

It is like a private direct phone call with your spirit/god/guides, etc. It is like sitting in a very long therapy session. You can heal 20 years of life in one sitting but there are many layers of unraveling. You also cannot work everything out in one sitting, that would be like eating at every restaurant on one road. You would not enjoy the experience nor can digest everything. The medicines all have the intelligence to show you want you need to work on now. You can request them to be gentle in helping you work through whatever is presenting itself in the journey.

Medicines help us put our chattering ego's aside thus allowing us to meet our purest selves, and find objective truths that are keeping us entrenched in any situation in our lives.

Nita has released chronic digestive issues, released numerous car accident traumas, and other life traumas, permanently from her all her body systems; mental, emotional, physical and spiritual. Nita noticed triggers lessened and finds lasting peace in her life around love, career, and the ever-changing tempo called life! They have changed the course of the life and feels she is finally cruising the correct lane! Nita says the work has reawakened so she can live through what she calls her "true original self"; the creators creation!

She had clear visions and connection to the cosmos as a child. The medicine gave back her cosmic connection, and knowing that we all come from one consciousness. Nita's mission is to complete her soul's healing, and life purpose so she can return home to her beloved cosmic family. Nita feels authentically “herself” when she is doing spirit's work. Her clients are her source of encouragement to continue her spiritual work.

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