Creating Spiritual Business Health


  • Would you like to create a harmonious business with healthy employees that generates wealth?
  • Do you know how to create this place for yourself and your business?
  • Does your business suffer due to gaps in an unproductive workforce?
  • Do you know how to bring in the right person for the right job?

Nita has over 20 years of experience in management; managing team members, and various products/services from retail to E-Commerce. Her philosophy is, “You scratch my back and I scratch yours,” which is something Nita practices well! Her tenacity has earned her gold stars for her professionalism and she understands that the pulse of any business must come from collective cooperation.

Nita helps business owners equip themselves with positive ethics, and the understating that their employees are the most integral part of their business. In order to create an auspicious flow for all to enjoy, healing must start at the top.  By bringing in model employees who feel valued in the positions for which they have been hired and building an infrastructure in which all can believe, implemented systems can flow with great efficiency and at optimal levels.  With her intuitive abilities, Nita can tap into employee behaviours. With this key skill, she can help coach the different personalities and find the precise, motivated mix of people to work together.

Nita believes that finding our place in the world, including career, comes from knowing our place in our family origin. If there are disturbances from childhood, they will ripple into many areas of our lives, including our JOBS! Nita can work with you in order to clear out energetic messes from your business; which may come from entanglements that are within the owner’s operating manual (systemic and business).

  • Create a work environment where employees are happy.
  • Create something that others believe in.
  • Create collective revenue generators.

Without happy employees:  your business is always in grief; you are in a perpetual cycle of employee turnover which causes your business to unnecessarily bleed financial resources; trust with your customers diminishes which causes difficulty in establishing valuable long term consumer relationships.

Nita helps you build you and your team in a holistic way, understanding the value of you, which in turn creates understanding of your employees, which breeds success.