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"...her healing energy is infectious."

I attended Nita’s Family Constellation Therapy workshop, and I was blown away. Nita’s gentle, healing nature made me feel at ease and allowed for an incredibly powerful experience that is still affecting me and unfolding in ways I never imagined. If you are willing to have an open mind, and open your heart, Nita will take care of you and guide you through whatever it is you need to process. She cares deeply about people, she has depth and honesty, and her healing energy is infectious.

- Liz B., Los Angeles, CA

"recommend her highly"

I have known Nita for several years and can say she can help others with her spiritual work. I recommend her highly.

- Master Sio, LA, CA

"I am eternally grateful"

Hi Nita, thank you so much for the gift of channeling my brother's spirit, I am eternally grateful to you for this amazing gift, and cleared away so much bullshit beliefs and theories, and left me only with the sense of oneness and the sense of being eternally connected to those we love way past this lifetime. As you know Nita this experience brought tears to my eyes, and simultaneously gave me such a joyous visual of my big brother chillin with our two little deceased chiuahuas "Windy" and "Chompiras" & I think even "Ozzywax" was hanging around "El Pinche Gordo".  Nita this is so cool, to turn grief into a joyous image of my brother hanging around the doggies my mother loves so much, to think that "Gordo" (my brother Saul did not know these doggies here on earth, but is now hanging out with them in the heavenly reals, my God this is an amazing gift. Wow Nita, I just want to keep on writing about this experience so that you know how much I appreciate the gift you gave me, and at the same time be supportive of your work so that many others who are going through the same thing I went through may find the joyous realization of knowing that love loves on.

- Juan Luis, Gardena, CA

"insightful and practical"

Nita’s readings are both insightful and practical. She has a unique ability to read the nuances of every situation personally and professionally that so many other readers miss. I find that particular talent and information invaluable.

- L.B., Venice, CA

"a truly authentic soul"

I have had the pleasure to work with Nita on designing her website.  She is truly an authentic soul and lives in full expression of her divine connection and gifts.  In this material world of business, Nita brings reverence and meaning to everyday interactions.  I feel honored to have met her and been chosen to work with her on her website.  I wish all of my clients were of similar elevated vibration!  Om / Shanti 

- Marci R., LA, CA

"highly intuitive Empath and Reader"

Nita is a highly intuitive Empath and Reader, experienced in many modalities of healing.  She is kind and compassionate and can immediately pick up information about your situation.  Nita is continually studying and finding new ways to help people advance on their spiritual journey in this accelerated time.  Nita holds a safe space for you to discover your soul's mission along with clearing any blocks to live the life of your dreams. 

- Maggie Lukowski - NC 

"results have been miraculous"

I have been on a self-exploration inward journey my whole life. I am an intuitive healer and have worked with hundreds of practitioners over the years. Nita has played a significant role that has been pivotal for my life course. Not only has Nita created a loving, safe environment to work, her results have been miraculous. She brought me to the depths of my subconscious and helped shift my reality. A whole new world has opened up and my dreams/goals have been presenting. Her constellation work should be done by all who are seeking. Nita is a light and love. I can't say enough about this Earth Angel. I am in complete gratitude for her existence and feel blessed to know her. 

- Tiffany, LA, CA

"healing and continually inspire me"

Nita's readings are extremely accurate, uncanny, and inspirational. While she is very honest, there is never any judgement on her part.  I always feel like I am being hugged during our sessions. She is truly invested in helping you transform and move forward in every facet of your life. Additionally, she encourages you to go within and to trust Spirit, which has helped me develop and maintain a deep connection with the Spiritual realm that I never had before.  She is great at discerning and tuning into your thoughts and feelings without you having to say a word. This makes her readings even more personable. Most importantly, her readings are healing and continually inspire me to shift negative behaviors and belief systems out of my life so that I can fulfill the highest expression of my authentic self.

- Maurice, SF, CA

"amazing goddess of light"

Nita is an amazing goddess of light, healing and transcendence. She is an ever gentle guide on your journey. She is a truth galvanizer and has another wordly, yet grounded way of guiding you into your own truth. She doesn’t just show you where you are, but she shows you where you have been and where you will go.

- Lori, LA, CA

"She’s the BEST of the BEST!"

Nita Patel has been studying and learning with me the past 2 years and has excellent skill and a deep commitment to excellence in everything she does. She seeks to learn and grow while sharpening her skills which were already great to begin with. I’m thrilled to support her and partner with her on new and larger ventures in the forthcoming future. She’s the BEST of the BEST! 

- Gary Stuart, LA, CA

"I highly recommend"

I highly recommend having a reading with Nita Kumari. Her wisdom and guidance are extremely insightful. Her information comes through and resonates with truth. It is up to the client how they will use this valuable information. Thank you Nita for a special reading! 

- Dorothy Li Calzi, LA, CA

"such incredible insights"

In my first reading with Nita we covered an amazing amount of ground in a very short period of time. She focused in on exactly what I needed to know and had such incredible insights on each topic. In one instance she help steer me clear of something that would have definitely been less than optimal and that alone was worth the visit. She is a truly gifted reader!

- Bryan, LA, CA

"POWERFUL beyond Words"

Nita held unbelievable space, I felt like I was held in a bubble of love. She helped me with some well seeded stories and wounds I had been carrying for years! I knew I needed help and I got it! She used the Family Constellation work along with all her other gifts. The work is so simple but the strength of it carried me to heal many hurt parts. I felt the shifts for weeks. POWERFUL beyond Words! I feel lighter and so hopeful when I felt so lost! She is really good for the heart and spirit, her accuracy is eerie, too! I recommended her to all my friends, who reported similar healing experiences!

- A.M. Los Angeles, CA

"eerily accurate and precise"

Nita's visions are eerily accurate and precise. Be prepared to have an open mind and heart because she tells it like it is. In her readings, she uses keywords that usually resonate with you. Even if the reading doesn't totally make sense to her, it will make sense to you. Most importantly, she is very open-minded and far from preachy. Unlike many of the psychics I've met in the past, Nita encourages one to look inward, focus on self-healing and to always look to spirit for guidance. Almost a year ago she saw me getting a job and moving to the South West. What do you know? A year later I am at a new job in New Mexico. It's easy to be skeptical, but again, I urge you to come into the reading with an open mind and heart.

- ME Jr, CA

"one of those most gifted healers"

Nita is one of those most gifted healers I have ever come across. The healing work that she does is incredibly powerful and very, very real. She helped me release a deep seated trauma that made me depressed and suicidal for many years. She also helped me heal a long standing painful relationship with a very close family member. After receiving healings from her and with the tools that she uses, both issues were dissolved miraculously, when no other professional or avenue had helped. Nita is also a highly gifted empath with very powerful psychic abilities. I highly recommend working with her.

- Sarah, West LA, CA

"I mean EVERYTHING came true"

Admittedly, I was a skeptic. When I met Nita, about a year ago, I looked at her at her like she was not a real psychic. A year later, everything and I mean EVERYTHING came true. I am still in awe of how she even saw and knew all the things she did. I wasn't even in the field she saw. I beyond, beyond trust her abilities. Her readings shift some big stuff and she is awesome person to just know.

- Sara W. SF, CA

"A committed soldier of the ALMIGHTY"

NitaKumari is personally known to me and we share a great spiritual bondage which, I always cherish and treasure. Nita is one of those special souls which descend on this planet for a noble mission to serve fellow beings with that, divine energy, which the Almighty bestows on them in excess and hence it has no other choice than TO OVERFLOW.

I had many wonderful experiences with Nita when she very rightly gave her readings for my future which turned out to be true. One particular prediction was right on target when, she told me about a relationship of mine which would end in 4 years. This was with one spiritual bond which I thought would last for eternity. But Nita gave it only 4 years and it ended in 3 years and ten months. 

When I argued with Nita about her reading, she said that, she is just communicating to me what is TOLD to her. I was indeed impressed with her accuracy and confidence.

Nita is a humanist and more so a spiritualist who, feels and works sincerely for all those fellow beings who, come in her contact seeking her guidance for their fulfillment and elevation. 

A committed soldier of the ALMIGHTY, Nita overflows with that excess surge of LOVE and hence will be a redeemer for any noble cause that, she espouses and would most certainly, be an asset for any organization she chooses to work for.

I wish Nita Kumari, all the best, for all her endeavors which I am sure will not only benefit herself but also would contribute to the well-being of HUMANITY at large.

- Ravi Pandit, Dubai
Director,Strategic Initiatives & Business Development

"I come with pain and leave in comfort"

Nita, Thank you so much for your help.  Every time I speak to you I come with pain and leave in comfort.  Your healing words have helped me in some of my lowest points.  Also, your readings have been very accurate.  You spoke of good changes at my work with a job that met more of my needs at the start of 2016.  And, just last week, I was told I would be transferred to a position that would allow me to work from home more often.  This means less commute time for me and more time with my kids.  I am very grateful that the universe has allowed us to cross paths.

- Monica B. Covina, CA

"She's wise in different practices.."

"Nita is able to cut to the heart of a matter in her readings. The reading is clear, honest and always very empowering. Her accuracy when channeling another’s energy is completely uncanny! She’s wise in different practices to clear and raise your own energy if need be. Most importantly, she does this work with love and for all of the right reasons which creates safe, sacred, healing space."

- T Los Angeles, CA